(Without Metal Ring & Plywood)

(All Kraft paper and paper board construction for easy disposal)


MONARCH ROUND FIBRE DRUMS without any metal rings and plywoods, leads us to a new millenium with better scope of innovative way of packaging for both domestic and international markets. Upgraded from Japanese Fibre drum in our R & D, Monarch Fibre Drum is ideal for Chemical, Bulk Drugs and Food Productsexporters. As entire drum is made up of kraft paper and board only, it is bio-degradable, diposable and eco-friendly in nature,which tune perfectly with the foreign buyers specification. It is easily disosable eighter by recycling or incineration, in the process it reduces the tare weight of drums and off course the cost factor, compared to metal ring-round fibre drums available in the market. It is very much sea-worthy, ideal for the export, as the same is available with Telescopic lid for added stability in 10", 12" 14", 16" & 18" and height as required


All paper made construction to suit foriegn buyers for easy disposal at their    Land.
Low tare weight reduces shipping and air freight costs.
Rounded uniformity facilitate rolling at the time of handling.
Telescopic fully open lid mouth for faster packing and easy loading.
Both outside and inside polycoating or inside Aluminium coating to save from     moisture and weather effects.
Without plywood top and bottom and C.R.C.A rings, to save from fungus and    rust.
PP handles, for easy handling and clamps, provided to seal the drums for    excise.